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• 徹底洗走眼內容易引發眼部不適的殘留妝物 (如眼影、睫毛膏、蜜粉)、灰塵污垢及異物 • 添加維他命B6、氨基酸及角膜保護成分,給你滋養潤澤的清洗感受,讓眼睛更清新健康 • 舒緩眼睛痕癢與不適等症狀,預防眼病• Thoroughly wash away the residual makeup (such as eye shadow, mascara, powder), dust, dirt and foreign matter in the eyes that may cause eye discomfort • Added vitamin B6, amino acids and corneal protective ingredients to give you a nourishing and moisturizing cleaning experience, so that your eyes More fresh and healthy • Relieves symptoms such as eye itching and discomfort, and prevents eye diseases


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