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規格:  10ML
特點:Genteal是一多次使用裝的人造淚水,配方中Sodium Perborate為全新防菌設計,特別之處置於瓶內時,可有效防菌,一旦滴入眼睛,即時會轉為水和氧氣,將一般防腐劑所帶給眼睛之刺激減至最低。


Unique natural disappearing preservative formula

Features: Genteal is a multi-use artificial tear. The Sodium Perborate in the formula is a new anti-bacterial design. It is special when it is placed in the bottle, it can effectively prevent bacteria. Once it drops into the eyes, it will immediately turn into water and oxygen. Eye irritation caused by general preservatives is minimized.

Indications: (U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA approved)

It can temporarily relieve eye burning and irritation caused by dry eyes or wind or sun exposure.

Usage: Use when necessary, one to two drops each time.


GENTEAL 睛瑩潤眼淚水 10ml Alcon

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