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  • 防水
  • 防菌
  • 透氣
  • 新一代液體膠布,適用於保護割傷、擦傷、灼傷及手術後縫合傷口等。噴于傷口上形成一層透明護膜,保護傷口,有防水、防菌、透氣、彈性、安全功能等
  • 用法:清理傷口,待止血後,將噴霧器距離傷口約15厘米【6吋】以外,輕壓噴頭均匀噴灑,若要較厚保護膜,數分鐘后再噴灑一次。
  • 注意:勿與紅汞共用,勿噴入眼睛。沐浴時宜用中性洗滌劑,勿用鹼性肥皂。用後須蓋緊瓶蓋,存放陰涼處,遠離高溫、火源。遠離孩童。
  • water proof
  • Antibacterial
  • breathable
  • 50ml
  • Product introduction: A new generation of liquid tape, suitable for protecting cuts, abrasions, burns and suturing wounds after surgery. Spray on the wound to form a transparent protective film to protect the wound. It has five advantages of waterproof, anti-bacterial, breathable, elastic, and safety functions.
  • Usage: Clean up the wound. After hemostasis, place the sprayer about 15 cm [6 inches] away from the wound, and lightly press the nozzle to spray evenly. If you want a thicker protective film, spray again after a few minutes.
  • Note: Do not share with red mercury, do not spray into the eyes. It is advisable to use neutral detergent when bathing, do not use alkaline soap. After use, the bottle cap must be tightly closed and stored in a cool place, away from high temperature and fire sources. Keep away from children.

BANITORE spray dressing 便利妥噴霧膠布 50ML4891694400100

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