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 使用前先搖勻,距離患處6-10吋,將乾粉噴灑於傷口表面,形成一層薄粉。需要時     可用敷料遮蓋。可隔3-4 小時再使用。

The selling point of the product
is that it can kill a variety of germs and is suitable for the treatment and prevention of skin and mouth infections, including ulcers, burns, cuts and other injuries.
Efficacy introduction
Dry powder spray disinfectant is sprinkled on the surface of the wound, which can effectively and quickly sterilize and disinfect.Shake well before use. Spray the dry powder on the surface of the wound 6-10 inches away from the affected area to form a thin layer of powder. Cover with dressing if needed. Can be used again after 3-4 hours.

Betadine dry powder spray disinfectant必妥碘

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