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COOL EYES人造淚水   成份: 每毫升包含:Hypromellose(3毫克) 及 (0.2毫升) 50% Benzalkonium Chloride 溶液作保存劑。   適應症:用於淚水不足時的舒緩滋潤劑及因缺乏淚水分泌所引起之眼睛乾澀症狀。   用法/用量:直接滴於不適眼睛,一天數次直至眼睛獲得舒緩。   禁忌:本品含Benzalkonium Chloride因此配戴隱形眼鏡人仕需除下隱形跟鏡方可使用。   注意事項: 如眼睛乾熱症狀持續,則須停止使用及就醫。保持滴管表面清潔,放置於兒童不能觸及之處。

Each ml contains: Hypromellose (3 mg) and (0.2 ml) 50% Benzalkonium Chloride solution as a preservative. Indications: Soothing and moisturizing agent for insufficient tears and dry eyes caused by lack of tear secretion. Usage/Dosage: Drop directly into the uncomfortable eyes several times a day until the eyes are relieved. Contraindications: This product contains Benzalkonium Chloride, so people who wear contact lenses need to remove the contact lens before using it. Precautions: If symptoms of dry eyes persist, discontinue use and seek medical attention. Keep the surface of the dropper clean and out of the reach of children.

MY TEARS CL COOL HI人造泪水 made in Japan

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