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Fluimucil® effectively dilutes sputum, reduces the viscosity of sputum, prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the lungs, and relieves cough problems. Taking it during colds can reduce phlegm and relieve symptoms such as cough. Fluimucil® is particularly suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic respiratory infections characterized by thick mucous and purulent viscous secretions. Taking Fluimucil® every day can strengthen the health of the lungs and respiratory tract, and reduce the effects of air pollution and smoking on lung health. Several international medical studies have confirmed that NAC in Fluimucil® can stimulate the growth of glutathione in the body, automatically repair damaged cell walls, strengthen cell functions, enhance the body's ability to fight diseases, and shorten the duration of illness. In addition, its antioxidant effect can reduce the damage of free radicals to the body and help delay aging. NAC is the only effective antioxidant mentioned in the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Put the contents of the tablet or bag evenly in a glass container, add a small amount of water to dissolve, mix well (use a spoon if necessary), and you will get a tasty solution that can be drunk directly.

橙樹化痰素 Fluimucil®有效稀釋痰液,減低痰液的黏度,避免細菌於肺部積聚,減輕咳嗽問題。於傷風感冒時服用可化痰和舒緩咳嗽等徵狀。Fluimucil®特別適合治療急性和慢性的呼吸系統感染,呼吸系統感染有濃厚的粘液及膿性的粘性分泌物這些特徵。每天服用橙樹化痰素 Fluimucil®可以強化肺部及呼吸道健康,減低空氣污染和吸煙對肺部的健康。多個國際醫學研究更證實橙樹化痰素 Fluimucil®內的NAC可激發體內的glutathione增長,自動修補受損的細胞壁,強化細胞功能,增強身體對抗疾病的能力,更可縮短患病時間。另外其抗氧化功效可減少自由基對身體的傷害及幫助延緩衰老,NAC更是世界衛生組織(WHO)在慢性阻塞性肺病指引中,唯一被提及有效抗氧化物.將片劑或袋裝內容物均置玻璃容器中,加少量的水溶解,混勻 (如果需要可借助匙子),就可獲得可口的溶液,可直接飲用。乙酰半胺氨酸橙樹化痰素 Fluimucil®有效稀釋痰液,減低痰液的黏度,避免細菌於肺部積聚,減輕咳嗽問題。


Fluimucil 200 A 30sachets

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