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Gaviscon peppermint tablets are used for the treatment of symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux such as regurgitation, heartburn and indigestion which may occur, for example following meals or during pregnancy. The pain and discomfort can be prevented by the raft formation.嘉胃斯康特強薄荷胃片能迅速減輕胃灼熱及由胃酸倒流所引致之不適,例如於飯後或懷孕期間易感不適。嘉胃斯康是屬於一種藥物稱「胃酸倒流抑制劑」,它於胃內容物的頂部形成保護膜,阻隔胃酸倒流,避免胃酸湧上食道而引起的不適。此藥不含糖及麩質。在懷孕或餵哺母乳期間的婦女仍可使用此產品。                                                 產品用法- 服用時,先將藥片放入口中,慢慢咀嚼到變成糊狀後才吞下。- 成人及12歲或以上兒童:在進餐後及睡前服食2至4藥片。- 12歲以下兒童:經醫生指示下服用。

GAVISCON Double TAb 48pcs 4895173227349

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