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l 產品規格 Product Spec

.尺寸:165 x 80 x 225mm



.一袋包拾:冷凍凝膠 x 2,專用頸巾 x 1


l 使用方法 How to use


1. 將裡面的凝膠,如包裝圖所示將對折,放入冰箱冷藏至少5小時

2. 將主機放入頸巾中

3. 調整頸巾長度

4. 想連續使用時,換上已冷卻的備用凝膠

5. 使用後放入冷凍室時,取下頸巾,僅冷卻凝膠

Just put the gel in the refrigerator to freeze and enjoy the cold feeling for a long time

The neck scarf is made of two different materials : fleece and smooth . You can choose to wear it according to your personal preference.
reusable _
It is suitable for cooling down in hot weather . It is most suitable for daily outdoor activities such as walking and hiking.
* Cooling time varies with temperature and usage environment
* Cold feeling varies from person to person
l Product Specifications
Dimensions: 165 x 80 x 225 mm
Neck size: about 50cm (Target age years and above)
Weight: 430g
One bag: Freezing gel x 2 , special neck scarf x 1
l How to use
1.  Fold the gel inside as shown in the package picture, and put it in the refrigerator for at least hours
2.  Put the host into the scarf
3.Adjust  the length of the scarf
4.  When you want to use it continuously, replace it with a cooled spare gel
5.  When putting into the freezer after use, remove the neckerchief and only cool the gel


Hakugen Ice-non Soft Belt 4902407020666

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