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Optive Fusion 30 x 0.4ml is a preservative free artificial tear lubricant designed to provide long lasting relief from dry eyes. It is ideal for those suffering from moderate to severe dryness, irritation, burning or itching of the eyes. The 0.4ml single-use vials ensure that each drop is fresh and sterile. Optive Fusion can be used as often as needed for maximum relief. With its fast-acting, long-lasting formula, Optive Fusion is the perfect choice to keep your eyes feeling comfortable and refreshed.

優麗舒™保濕型單支裝點眼液(Optive Fusion® Lubricant Eye Drops
Unit Dose),可暫時緩解因眼睛乾澀所引起灼熱感與刺激感,亦可暫

Optive fusion 30 x 0.4ml

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