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  • Contains m.doc™, a natural patented ingredient, which has been proven by a number of international clinical trials to quickly stop bleeding
  • The speed of hemostasis is 10 times faster than the normal method, and the bleeding volume is reduced by 7.5 times
  • Forms a gel protective film on the wound surface to accelerate wound healing
  • Does not contain chemical ingredients, safe and does not irritate the skin

Product Description

StopBleed Nasal Plugs are made of PVA sponge (Polyinyl Acetate) impregnated with a patented and natural ingredient, m.doc™, an active micro-dispersed oxidized cellulose from cotton as blood clotting agent that is clinically proven effective in stopping nosebleeds 10-fold faster.


The plugs absorb blood and expand rapidly into a soft and comfortable sponge, with patented m.doc™ powder to rapidly form a gel-like layer for wound healing. The nasal plugs are nonstick and can be easily removed from the nasal cavity without adhering to mucous membranes, reducing the risk of relapse of bleeding. It is hypoallergenic and safe to use.

#US Patent 8445671*# Visual Behavior of Whole Blood in contact with Selected Haemostatic Materials* the University College Dublin, Ireland, 2003.^*Demonstration of the Ability of the Alltracel Haemostatic Blotter to Reduce Blood-loss*, the University College Dublin, Ireland, 2003.

Santecare StopBleed Nasal Plug 4 individual sponges

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